A road saw is used to cut large surface areas. The material to be cut may consist of concrete, masonry,
brick, asphalt, tile, bridge decks, roadways, paths, bitumen roads and other solid materials.

  •  Cut up to 400mm deep.
  •  Diesel and petrol machines available.
  •  Sawing of existing concrete slabs and driveways.
  •  Sawing of existing kerbs and gutters.
  •  Cutting of suspended slabs.
  •  Expansion joint cutting (and sealing if required)
  •  Loop cutting
  •  Trench cutting
  •  Joint expansions at various width.
  •  Suspended slab sawing
  •  Slurry control as required
  •  In the past we have had cutting projects at dams, bridges, wharves, airport runways, hospitals, public roadways and highways, power stations, schools, multiple professional tenanted buildings (i.e. medical centres), government buildings as well as various facets of domestic sawing.

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